Afritech has recently deployed its rice farming mechanism to interest consumers with best practice rice consumers satisfaction and farming requirements. Rice Brands from AfriRice today are identified as leading consumer brands in Nigeria. Our rice farm is leading the Nigerian Rice revolution by locally producing farm fresh paddy that is milled at our own well fitted automated rice mills in Bida, Nigeria

Afritech has established world-class rice mills at Bida, to promote milling and bagging locally. This provides the necessary motivation for increased local production of paddy to build sufficiency in rice. our farm mechanism includes both mechanize farming using the best rice milling facilities and knowledgeable team who understands quality and excellence most recent technologies.

A Drop of AfriH20

Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless and colorless. AfriH20 is a natural Spring Water drawn from Warm Springs, our uniqueness is based on quality assurance, freshness and its natural form. The warm and cold springs flow with a volume of up to 150 litres per second and at a constant temperature of 70°C and 37°C respectively.
AfriH20 chooses it brand identity and product branding as its core mandate in the water botling and production line to ensure that the quality of our water production get better daily. We have carefully selected the best and experience professional.

Our water treatment goes across the four processes of Boiling, Filtration, Distillation, Chlorination hereby removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, These standards usually include minimum and maximum concentrations.

Our Delivery

App Our delivery van is stationed at our distribute centers and location for delivery of products to customers - both retail and wholesale.


Mrs. Adekoya Gbadamosi- Thank you for the prompt supply and response, I was truly in need of a qucik supply to meet up a distribution of water at an event for a client. Qucik Response

CostValue Supermart- AFritech has been our customer for over 4years now. Our rating is a 5star for consumer consideration and product quality and acceptibility . Qucik Response